Materials: brass, aluminum cement

Techniques: grinding, casting

Dimensions: 260x35x170 cm

Pictures: Leroy van de Vooren

Equanimity Series

Equanimity is a series of sculptures which al consist of two elements enabling each other to stand. Combining tension and stability the pieces visualise balance which is inspired by the visual forces in man made constructions such as cranes and bridges.

I’ve always been attracted to visual forces in big constructions. The fact that these constructions are shaped in such a technical and logical way while they carry a feeling of balanced serenity fascinates me. The tension, massive proportions and overhang of load-bearing elements feel like a unity together which sometimes evoke the feeling of the balance in nature.

The elements which make a construction feel like natural balance together with material properties which unfold while crafting the brass by hand created the shapes of the sculptures.