Pictures by Scott Gorman

Video by Art Forever

Materials: Aluminum, ropes, paper clamps

Techniques: Tensioning

Dimensions: 800x320x230cm

Untitled Stone

Materials: Opal Serpetine, aluminum

Techniques: Carving, grinding, poloshing

Dimensions: 45x14x9 cm

Supported project by Amarte Fund

Heavy As A Feather

Materials: Copper, stainless steel

Techniques: Forging, grinding, coldforging 

Dimensions: 60x12x14 cm

Supported project by Amarte Fund

Flowing Fold II

Materials: Copper, Stainless steel

Techniques: Foldforming, grinding, coldforging 

Dimensions: 95x12x18 cm

Supported project by Amarte Fund

One Of A Kind

One Of A Kind is a series of sculptures whose all made out of the same origin: a flat rod of copper. While experimenting with a different order of cold-hammering, entirely different shapes arose from the same base material. Therefore the title ‘One Of A Kind’ is a nod to the actual linguistic meaning, Thousand Out Of One is what actually happened. 

Location: Elleboogkerk Amerstfoort, during Expo Elleboog

Pictures: Dirk Veroerd/Lighthouse Productions

Materials: Copper, steel

Techniques: Cold forging

Dimensions: 35x35x15cm each